Saturday, February 26, 2011


Welcome to my Blog! Just as an introductory...

Stephanie is the name. I have quite a few nicknames: Steph, Ginge, Stephers, Stetnie, Stephie Kaye, Kaye; just to name a few. Feel free to make up a new one. I am constantly reading or writing. I like to act like a kid and go to the park to swing on the swings. I jump in puddles and I love the snow. It's hard for me to take a joke.. but I am working on it. I am an argumentative person and if you're on my bad side, well let's just say you don't want to be. Yet, I'm nice and kind and loving. I go to school in Chicago. I live for my friends and family. I love to go out with my friends and have a good time. I'm a die hard Chicago Blackhawk fan <3 And my two biggest passions in life are writing and reading.

~My friends mean the world to me so I love to spend my time with my besties.
~I'm absolutely positively in love with Gerard Butler, Johnny Depp, Ian Somerhalder, Matthew Gray Gubler and Ryan Reynolds.
~I love to read. Reading is a passion for me and since I'm an English major, I guess that's a good thing.
~I love to write. I would absolutely LOVE to have published books in the future. I feel as though I have a story to tell.
~Art is a huge part of my life. I may not be very good at it but I love to paint and draw. I have ever since I was little. Another part of art that I love is photography. I love taking pictures of nature and people.
~Music. I love Music. It's a way of expressing ones self. It's simply amazing.

I'm starting this international blog with some of my international friends. when it is up and running I will for sure let you know what the addy is. =]

I guess that's all for now.

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