Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Super Overwhelmed...

I have been feeling super overwhelmed recently. With all the schoolwork that I need to complete and with the days going by so fast. I just want to take a few days off of school and social life to crawl into my own little hole and get everything that needs to be done, done.

Things I have to complete:
1. A rewrite of a paper I got a D- on.
2. Paper Proposal for Am. Regionalism and Realism by Oct 17.
3. Read through chapter 14 of McTeague by tomorrow.
4. Write a one-page significant statement of ch 8-14 of McTeague for tomorrow.
5. Paper 2 for Study of Literature by Oct 27.
6. A whole bunch of Blackboard postings.
7. Begin research for my Victorian artifact presentation.
8. Pick a topic for my Victorian Lit seminar paper and then write the paper.
9. Finish The Moonstone by next Tuesday.
10. Read a 60-page reading by Althusser by Thursday.
11. So much more that I can't even think at the moment.

=/ Not to mention my personal stuff that I have to do like my blogs and my own writing and my letters to my penpals and my leisure reading. I do these things for my own sanity. If I didn't have these 4 things.. I'd be committed.

More later
xo stephanie


  1. That's a lot of stuff!! Good luck with all of it :)

    I love how your blog looks.

  2. Wow lots of stuff, Good Luck!!! Also just wanted to pop over and say hi, and thank you for following my blog :) come visit anytime :)

  3. you have so much going. I can totally relate with this post since I am going to school full-time, working, and doing a training for another job. sometimes I feel like my brain is jump out of my skull and run away from me.

    good luck with everything!