Monday, April 25, 2011


So, I am sitting at Starbucks at the moment, writing some papers because it is crunch time for school. A couple of the friends that I have been having "problems" with lately are up here with a huge group being loud and obnoxious and completely ignoring me. But for some reason, I'm okay with everything. I have found out who my true friends are and I am sticking with them. The good thing with everything that has happened lately is the fact that I have found my truest, most loyal friends; which are the best to keep around.

Easter was yesterday and it was rather hectic. My huge family came over for an early dinner and we all hung out in our loud manner that we always do. Then I went over to Sean's house to spend time with my other family (that is what they have become to me, after only 9.5 months of dating Sean, his family is my family, too). We watched The Proposal and laughed and enjoyed each other's company. Then Sean had to work the overnight shift so he dropped me off at my neighbor's so I could go see them and Kadie, Kodie, and I all watched Burlesque and ate candy and had our smokey treats.

I ended up skipping school today, because my car is a piece of shit at the moment. I have no brakes left. So, Luci cannot be driven. (Yes, I named my car Luci) The brake pedal has to be pushed all the way down to the ground and then she will finally start to slow down. She's sitting in my driveway until I can get someone to look at her, hopefully tomorrow. So, for now, I am using my mom's car but I felt like today was a good Starbucks homework catch up day. =]

Well, this was a nice break but I still have a couple more papers to write and work later tonight. I may just have to leave Starbucks in order to be away from this noisy ex-group of mine...


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