Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hardcore Cleaning and Recipes

I'm going to be hardcore cleaning my room. Right now it's a mess. I have movies strewn about the floor along with books (because I'm switching them up. I don't know where to put all of them..) I need a freakin' library. A room dedicated to only my books and movies. because right now... I don't have room for them in my room.. I will post a pic of the aftermath =]

Anyways, I will also be making lunch... I haven't decided what I will be making but whatever I make I will post a pic and recipe for it. =]

Speaking of recipes. I have decided to take all of grandma's thousands and thousands of recipes and put together her all time favorites and put it into a little book and give it to her for Christmas. =]



  1. Hey you can always sell your books on Amazon if worse comes to worse. I love books too so I understand your dilemma :-) Enjoy your lunch and the idea for your grandma is so sweet. I hope she loves it!

    Stop by my blog Eden, would love for you to be a follower.


  2. We have bookshelves lining out walls because of the same problem! Good luck! :)